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Bachelor’s studies in Logistics

Logistics Bachelor's of Science Studies (6 semesters)



Don’t hesitate – with us one can easily become a member of a group of specialists, and the title of logistics specialist or engineer will open the door to stabilization and professional satisfaction. After these prestigious studies graduates are wanted all over the world. Our University offers various specializations in the field of logistics.

Bachelor Studies are professional studies that are aimed mostly at those who plan to get the profession and practical skills that are desired on the labour market.

Specialty: Logistics Systems

systemy logistyczne

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Studies at specialty Logistics Systems prepare students to organize, manage and control logistics systems in an enterprise. Graduates of the specialty are able to choose from a variety of organizational flows within a logistics system, they can optimally manage resources of enterprises, operations related to supplies, analyse and control costs.

Specialty: Production Logistics

logistyka produkcji
Students get the knowledge about production processes: optimization of using production capacity and its augmentation by adapting technology to the productivity of employees, as well as appropriate actions referring to exploitation and maintenance of the equipment. Within the specialty students will learn how to improve the offer for consumers by means of guaranteeing continuity of production and rhythmic production processes, maintaining high quality of products, increasing timeliness and shortening  production cycles.

Specialty: Purchasing Logistics

logistyka zakupow

Students gain the knowledge about purchasing processes: the selection of supply sources, business negotiation, optimization of conditions and costs of supplies. Within the specialty students will learn how to control stocks, develop relationships with suppliers, organize transport, receive and control deliveries and how to improve material flows inside an enterprise and in supply chains.

Specialty: Trade and Distribution Logistics

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Students gain the knowledge about distribution processes: delivering products to customers in the right quantity, at the right time, to the right place and at the right price. Within the specialty students will learn how to simplify for customers  the access to information about products, how to improve distribution network and how to organize the flow of information among the participants of the exchange. Graduates will acquire competence of managing systems responsible for: supporting purchase – sale transactions, storing and making products accessible,  providing products to customers, after-sales services, returns and recycling.




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