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Management Bachelor's of Science Studies (6 semesters)

Bachelor studies prepares specialists in the field of transport processes management. This is a practical major that prepares future graduates – managers to undertake work in different companies related to logistics and transport. .

Specialty: Enterprise Management

zarzadznie przedsiebiorstwem
Contemporary economic conditions have been described as very difficult ones by experts. High level of competitiveness, saturation by products (services) or dynamics of macro-economic aspects make surviving on the market depend on appropriate management of a company. Therefore, high demand for specialists can be observed on the market, for those who are able to effectively solve problems appearing while realising processes of managing a company.
Students who attend the specialty Enterprise Management acquire the knowledge in the field of all individual areas of an enterprise activities, management methods and techniques, computer systems supporting process management, and gain key managerial skills and competencies.

Specialty: Product Management

zarzadzaniem produktem
As a result of the progressing dynamics of consumers’ behaviour, we can observe an increase in demand for specialists responsible for marketing, technical and economic shaping of products i.e. for product managers. They create innovative products that meet specific needs of customers, but also they solve their current problems. Product Manager is able to manage a product at every stage of its life, and also he/she coordinates all major aspects of managing individual products and brands offered by a company.
Students who attend the specialty Product Management acquire the knowledge in the field of identifying and interpreting opportunities and market possibilities of products, of programming marketing activities, managing teams in marketing, using cutting edge IT technologies that support marketing activities of a company, and acquire key managerial skills and competencies.

Specialty: Crisis Management

zarzadzanie kryzysowe
The increase in growing global interdependencies among people, dependence on technology and on access to sources of energy, and higher and higher demands as far as social standards are concerned, especially for post-industrial societies – they all result in growing interest in crisis management. The will to provide security results in higher demand for specialists in the area – for Crisis Managers, who would possess multidimensional education to manage the challenges of the 21st century.
Students of Crisis Management acquire the knowledge in the field of elaborating and implementing crisis management systems, maintaining them as well as potentially improving the already existing ones. They are able to take decisions related to events occurring during a crisis, and also to manage the consequences of a crisis. Additionally, they gain key managerial skills and competencies.

Specialty: Project Management

zarzadzanie projektami
A dynamic market requires companies to create flexible organizational structures in order to enable quick reaction to changes and threats appearing on the scene. Simultaneously, more and more activities inside companies are of one-time character, but with numerous restrictions. Such phenomena result in an increased demand for specialist who are able to manage projects – Project Managers who are able to successfully realize undertakings.



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