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Master’s studies in Logistics

Logistics Master's of Science Studies (3 semesters)

Postgraduate studies are based mainly on business aspects of logistics activities and improving managerial skills, which has been appreciated by means of accreditation of the curriculum by CILT (UK) (The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport). Now you can get a master's degree in three semesters!

Specialty: Production Logistics Manager

Focus on consumers’ requirements and meeting their needs requires quick reactions and effective implementation of changes, especially in the area of production. At the same time the development of enterprises and new investments of international companies are the reason for growing demand for high-profile managers who are expected to posses not only the traditional knowledge of production management, but most of all competencies in new concepts regarding improving production systems and focus on shortening the time of reaction to information from the market. We have included these new professional skills while preparing the specialty Production Logistics Manager that responds to signals reported to the University by the representatives of various businesses.

Specialty: Supply Chain Manager

The increasing complexity of logistics processes makes it necessary to build and maintain a strong relationship between the entities involved in the flow of products. Attracting new trustworthy customers is time-consuming and connected with huge expenses, as well as with the risk of loss of reputation by the company. Therefore, it seems appropriate to educate managers who understand the importance of managing relationships with suppliers and customers and are able to build supply chain strategies based on cooperation. The specialty Supply Chain Manager educates highly specialized management staff in the area of modern supply chain management. The knowledge and skills of students in this specialty are focused on aspects of planning, organizing and controlling of the logistics flows in the area of supply chains.
Emphasis is put on the process of developing process analysis skills, getting to know simulation techniques that support decision-making processes and preparing to organize the activities of enterprises participating in integrated supply chains.

Specialty: Transport Manager

It is estimated that up to 25% of the logistics costs in enterprises are generated by the external transport, therefore transport management should be in the centre of attention of managers in enterprises. Optimization of transport costs undoubtedly affects the maximization of profits, which is the main purpose of today's businesses. Therefore, it seems reasonable to train managers, who understand aspects of transport at all levels - from strategic through tactical to the operational. Within the specialty of Transport Manager students gain knowledge of the transport network management, as well as the ability of an economic evaluation of transport processes. In addition, due to the progressive globalization, the specialty is broadened to include the functioning of the European traffic control system.



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