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Transport Bachelor's of Science Studies (6 semesters)


Graduates of Bachelor of Science Studies at The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw are highly qualified employees who are appreciated by employers.

Specialty: Shipping and Transport Insurance

spedycja i ubezpieczenia
Polish labour market needs qualified forwarding agents, well-prepared theoretically as well as practically to their work, who are familiar not only with existing laws, analytical methods and concepts of planning and organization of transport, but also with the latest achievements in the IT area, supporting their daily work. Meanwhile, on the Polish labour market the shortage of educational offers aimed at educating forwarding agents according to European requirements is noticeable.
While preparing curricula we followed the rules developed by German education centre, which are said to be the model ones, defining the knowledge and skills of future graduates of this specialty at the same time, and we broadened competences for forwarding agents with issues related to transport insurance. This is a specialized sector of the insurance market which requires separate models of behaviour and knowledge.

Specialty: Transport Company Management

zarzadzanie firma transportowa
In Poland there are around 240,000 transport companies, but it is said that there is still space for some new ones. At the same time, due to strong market competition, demands referring to knowledge and skills of people who manage or want to manage the transport company in the future are rising. The complexity of legislation and the emphasis on the development and improvement of the organization result in the fact that a manager, even of a small fleet of vehicles, must have the competence, allowing him/her to manage processes in a modern and effective way. Thanks to that he/she is able to compete with other companies not only on the domestic market but also on the European one, as well as increase their executive potential. The aim of this specialty is to provide future graduates with the knowledge they need to create and manage a transport company in the future.
Adapting curriculum to the needs of professional competence certification procedures, we offer our students not only a prestigious logistics university diploma, but also the possibility of exemption from the examination for the Certificate of Professional Competence in road transport.

Specialty: Organisation of Special Transport

organizacja transportu specjalnego
The specificity of transport requirements and dedicated legal conditions result in the fact that serving specific cargoes, such as dangerous, over-width cargo, require the professional knowledge from people who are in charge of dealing with them. In order to increase the competitiveness and offer range, transport companies invest in solutions that enable them to handle special carriages, including multimodal transport. Hence, highly-qualified specialists, whose skills enable them to optimally organize this type of cargo are wanted on the market. While preparing the scope of specialized subjects, the University included the examination requirements such as eligibility for ADR transport. It will enable graduates of this specialty to acquire the professional competences.

Specialty: Railway Transport Management  - New 

zarzadzanie w transporcie kolejowym
Location of Poland on the route of the most important trans-European transport corridors, linking east with west and north with south of the continent, provides new opportunities when it comes to p logistics services for the large scale in accordance with the concept of sustainable development. New specialty opened at The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw Railway Transport Management combines managerial knowledge with the information about technical conditions of railway transport in Poland, and all over the world. During the 6-semester bachelor studies, students will learn about modern concepts of organization management, and will gain knowledge about railways construction, railway traffic control devices and techniques of conducting it.
Lectures also cover the issues of passenger and freight transport, construction of rail stock and high-speed rails. For graduates this is the opportunity of professional development in one of Polish companies, such as PKP group (the national rail operator in Poland) as well as in a growing number of private enterprises, specializing in railway transport of goods and people.



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