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The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław has once again been honored with the University of Leaders certificate and an extraordinary distinction Civic University. This is the twelfth time when the IULT in Wrocław has been found among the best in the country.


The University of Leaders certificate is awarded to higher schools, which stand out on the market with activities focused on educating social leaders, building a civic society, shaping democratic attitudes participatory and effective practical education.


Extraordinary Civic University Distinction was awarded for the first time in the 12th edition of the National Competition and Certification Program of Higher Schools University of Leaders. The distinction was awarded to Universities that demonstrate special achievements and active activity in the area of ​​social responsibility of universities and creating civic and pro-social attitudes among students.


The awarding of the above prize confirms that the studies at IULT in Wrocław, thanks to modern education, develop the ability to build leadership competences and practical skills expected on the labor market.




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