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Roksana Witkowska


A Graduate of the IULT in Wrocław

Major: Civil Engineering


My name is Roksana Witkowska and I am a graduate of the Civil Engineering. During my studies I was involved in the activity of the student research group what allowed me to develop my skills and also to broaden my knowledge in the field of road engineering. Thanks to the cooperation with the Careers Service I had a great opportunity to do additional 2 months internship in the “SAT” company where I gained  very valuable experience. By studying a specialist major I had a chance to study and work at the same time what I consider a great addition to my CV.



Łukasz Jania



Position: the President of the Board

Company: Fleet Partners Sp. z o.o.


I am a graduate of the IULT, major Logistics. Thanks to the study programme and classes conducted by professional staff I got the specialist education that opened for me the door to the  labour  market in TFL sector. While Studying at the IULT I had  the  opportunity to acquire knowledge and professional experience at the same time, and on the top of that to master my personal skills. Before graduation I already received an offer to work abroad, where I was responsible for the fleet management in 3 countries. At the moment I am the President of the Board at the Fleet Partners company where my main tasks are car fleet management and consulting in this field. Studies at the IULT gave me also a unique possibility to create my network of professional contacts which I maintain till today. After the graduation I continue my cooperation with the IULT-recently one of its students have become an intern  in my company.

ŁUKASZ JANIA - PhD candidate at Poznań University of Economics, graduate of the International University of Logistics and Transport at IULT. In 2006 he created a car fleet in LG and was responsible for its management. Later he continue to develop his professional experience in the field of car fleet management at the HPI Poland where he was occupying the position of Key Accountant Fleet Manager. For Several years he used to supervise international car fleet at the Kofola group in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 2012 he is the President of the Board at the Fleet Partners where he is responsible for the business strategy and consulting for key clients. He is a member of the Car Fleet Managers Association and Ceska Associace  Fleet Management (Czech Republic). In 2011 he was presented with the Fleet Leader Award for the effective management of a car fleet and implementing monitoring system in a multicultural environment. Author of many publications on corporate car fleet management .



Damian Cwetanow



A Graduate of Engineer’s Studies

Major: Logistics


I graduated from Logistics at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław. As a graduate I can honestly say that the University provides the best type of training for the students to pursue later their career in the TFL sector. After graduation I am planning to continue with post-diploma degree and the IULT would be my first choice thanks to its professional staff and interesting study programme. Just after graduating and as a result of my participation in one of the University’s projects I got the opportunity to do a well-paid internship at Whirpool Polska S.A. For me it was a great possibility to acquire more knowledge and professional experience as well as to create very valuable network of professional contacts. During the internship I learnt how the entire process of production looks like and how  warehouses work. All knowledge that I gained during my studies I put  into practice and the advice of my professors-specialists in their field helped me to solve many professional problems. The IULT in Wrocław is a University that gives you many opportunities to get desirable employment.



Bartosz Deryło



Position: Manager

Company: FF Fracht


As a student of the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, I was given the opportunity to start my professional career even before graduation. Thanks to the innovative study programme I could acquire the knowledge that was crucial for pursuing my career in the TFL sector. Not only substantive preparation was impeccable but also there was a great emphasis on the practical training, for example during the classes in specialized laboratories. At the moment I am occupying the position of Manager being still a student of the Master’s programme! Actions speak louder than words; studies at the IULT is the best way to advance your career in TFL sector.



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