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MILESTONE is a network of exclusive apartments for students. It has 2 complexes in Wrocław itself. One of them is located in the city centre and the second one in the Fabryczna district area.


MILESTONE offers a wide range of accommodation types with the best quality on the market. There are options with a private bathroom and kitchen annex, as well as those where students share a room with one or two other students. Surely everyone will find something for themselves. In addition, each MILESTONE resident can use common areas, such as: gym, laundry room, study rooms, rooms for organizing e.g. common events or outdoor spaces.

  • 10% discount for our students when booking in one of the facilities in Wrocław

To receive a discount, you must be a student at the IULT and use a special discount code when registering online: IULT10


*Prices of the rent depend on the type of selected room

  • Location of MILESTONE dormitories in Wrocław:
    • Bolesława Prusa 9, 50-319 Wrocław
    • Fabryczna 22A/24, 53-609 Wrocław (NEW location – opens in October 2023)

  • Check out more about MILESTONE at:



  • How to reserve place? Download the instruction << here >>

BASECAMP WROCŁAW (Basecamp Dormitory)


  • Location of Basecamp:
    • Sienkiewicza 18/22, 50-335 Wrocław
  • Check out more about Basecamp at:


Please note that for public dormitories you should contact the International Cooperation Office via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., not the dormitory directly.

Ślężak - Student House of University of Economics


  • Location of Ślężak:
    •  Ślężna 33, 53-301 Wrocław

Bliźniak – Student house of Wroclaw Medical University


  • Location of Bliźniak:
    •  Wojciecha z Brudzewa 12, 50-367 Wrocław

T-4, T-15, T-16, T-17, T-22 – Student Houses of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


  • Locations of students houses:

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw
 ul. Sołtysowicka 19B          51-168 Wrocław Poland
 tel: +48 (71) 324-68-42 int. 125

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