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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions as well as the recruitment rules and the step-by-step procedure that you must follow. If you have any questions, please contact us.



Who can apply for a transfer from another university?

  • students who are currently studying at another university and want to change their university or field of study


What documents do I need to provide to be accepted?

  • application for the transfer, template
  • transcript of records confirmed by the dean's office of the parent University


What is the form of studies in English?

  • Studies in English take place in the form of full-time, Mon-Fri.

The procedure step by step


The person who wants to transfer provides the above-mentioned documents, on the basis of which the Dean determines whether the transfer is possible and for which semester. If there is a preliminary consent, a student must provide the Dean's consent to the parent university.

Original documents should be submitted in person at the dean's office or sent by post. At the initial stage, the Dean accepts the scan of the transcript of records by e-mail, but the original must be provided at a later date.



The Dean issues two decisions: the first one - about admission to studies on the basis of transfer, and the second one - about the recognition of the achievements and possible program differences to be made up for.


A student fills in the personal questionnaire, signs the contract in duplicate, and the vow.


We send a letter to the parent university with an official request to send documents from the student's file. We give a student access to the virtual dean's office, student’s book number and student ID.


If you have any questions, write or call us!

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