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The International University of Logistics and Transport

International Relations Office

ul. Sołtysowicka 19b
51-168 Wrocław

E-mail: zagranica@msl.com.pl

+48 71 324 68 42 int. 232


117, 1st floor


Incoming students



Have you been nominated for the Erasmus+ exchange in Poland? Congratulations! Before you arrive in Wrocław, you need to send the following documents to erasmus@msl.com.pl in the electronic form or a scan:
  1. The Incoming Student Application Form
  2. 1 passport/ID photograph of 236x295 pix size in jpg format
  3. A copy of an English certificate at a minimum B2 level (e.g. IELTS) (if you possess it)
  4. Learning Agreement from the sending university
  5. A copy of a passport/ID

Please note that The International University of Logistics and Transport may provide incoming students with the accommodation in the student dormitory if there are places available. The University, however, does not provide incoming students with private accommodation – it is students’ responsibility to search for a room/flat before or during their stay in Wrocław.

The easiest way to look for the private accommodation is via Internet. The most common websites where you can find flats in Wrocław are:

Type “room wrocław” in a search bar and then check the results in “nieruchomości” (real estate) section. It will show you offers that are written in English (sometimes a description in Polish comes first, but if you open it and then scroll down, you will see it in English as well).


2)    https://www.olx.pl/nieruchomosci/stancje-pokoje/wroclaw/

Put the same information in a search bar “rooms/room” to get results in English.

3)    If you are using Facebook, then you may join Wroclaw Expats group and Erasmus Wroclaw 2017-2018. Both are in English and expat people are often looking for flatmates. You can also post your own message informing that you are looking for a flat/room.

Have a great time!



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