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1. After I arrive, will someone pick me up from the airport/bus station?

If you send us all details of your flight/bus connection, we will ask one of our colleagues to pick you up and take you to your dormitory/apartment. They will also show you around the neighbourhood and take you to the supermarket in order to do some shopping. They will also help you make Poland your second home.

2. Can I get a place in the dormitory?

Yes, if you inform us in advance that you want to live in a dormitory, we will organize it for you.

3. How much does a single room cost?

The cost of a single room in a private apartment differs depending on the location, standard etc. It is approximately 200-350 euros.

4. Is the public transportation in Wrocław good? Can I get to the university by bus/tram?

Yes, Wrocław is a well-connected city and you can get by bus/tram anywhere you would like to.

To our university you can get by several different buses which stop right in front of our building.

5. Are there many international students in Wrocław?

Yes, Wrocław is a really multi-cultural city. Only at our university, more than 50% of the students come from 19 different countries.

6. What are the costs of living in Poland?

  • Insurance – each student is obliged to get standard insurance - 50 PLN,
  • Accommodation – room in a dormitory costs approximately 450 PLN,
  • Municipal public transport – a ticket for a single ride for student costs 1.70 PLN, but it is possible to buy a monthly ticket which costs 45 PLN,
  • Food – there are many spots around the city where students can buy cheap meals. The average cost of such a meal is 8-12 PLN,
  • Cinema ticket – for those who enjoy watching movies - the average cost of a single cinema ticket is 15-20 PLN.

7. Can I study and work at the same time?

Yes, according to Polish law it is possible to work during your full-time studies.

8. Can I get a job being a foreigner who graduated from a Polish university?

According to Polish regulations, after graduating from our university you can start working in Poland.

9. Will I be successful at finding work after finishing studies?

97% of the IULT students and graduates are professionally active and as many as 86% of them find employment at specialist positions in enterprises from the Transport – Forwarding - Logistics sector.


The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw
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