Following the current the situation, classes at the IULT in Wrocław take place in the form of virtual meetings.


E-learning is a safe and convenient way for students to continue learning without leaving their home. Classes are enjoyed by our students, and we are pleased to see high attendance.


Classes and lectures in the form of e-learning at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw are more than just the opportunity to listen to the recorded lectures. Classes are conducted live, in the form of webinars, and students can actively participate in them. Thanks to a modern scientific platform, all lecturers have the opportunity to view the entire group on their computer screen, and students can ask questions on an ongoing basis, which are heard by everyone participating in the webinar. This form of online learning/teaching allows you to maintain continuity in conducting classes similar to the traditional ones. In this way, all learning/teaching can run smoothly, and our students lose nothing in the current situation.


We encourage you to watch our students' statements about e-learning classes.




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