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Despite the pandemic, the IULT in Wrocław continues its cooperation with Wayne State University in Detroit, the USA. At the beginning of August, the series of virtual meetings within Wayne State University - Mike Ilitch School of Business ended.


The course was attended by speakers from major companies and universities from the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Meetings were held twice a week via videoconference. Students could learn how business, culture and history influence one another, through the prism of supply chain management and marketing. The speakers discussed many topics, ranging from cultural diversity, through e-commerce networks, the truth in advertising, to the New Silk Road. This is a great example of how education can be adapted in the COVID -19 era.


The speakers representing the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław were the Rector of the University, Dr Marcin Pawęska, and Ms Joanna Kubicka – the lecturer at the IULT in Wrocław.



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