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The IULT students had the opportunity to complete their  internships at Opal Transport sp. z o.o.  We interviewed Ms Justyna Kozioł about student traineeships as part of Dual Studies.


1. What do you specialize in? What is the scope of your company's activities?


Justyna Kozioł: We are a transport company that transports goods both in Poland and abroad.


2. From your perspective, how important are students traineeships and internships?


Justyna Kozioł: We believe that accepting students for traineeships and internships is very important both for  students and for the company. Students have the opportunity to get to know the company "from the inside", they can learn about the activities, strategy and priorities of the company. On the other hand, employees, thanks to conversations with students, can look at some matters in a different way and implement innovative ideas together.


3. Have  the students met your expectations? What responsibilities have  they  managed the best ?


Justyna Kozioł: The students have fully met our expectations, they turned out to be very helpful, they fulfilled the duties entrusted to them without any problems, helping in various works related to the operation of our company.


4. What was the form of the traineeships?


Justyna Kozioł: The traineeships were held in a full-time mode, at the headquarters of our company.


5.  Would the company be  willing to take part in similar initiatives in the future?


Justyna Kozioł: Yes, we are most willing to take part in similar initiatives. We believe this is mutually beneficial for both the company and the students.



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