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On May 14, 2022, the Oder Day celebrations took place on the Xawery Dunikowski boulevard in Wrocław. It was a unique opportunity to get to know the largest river in Wrocław. The potential of the Oder River is enormous - the revitalized quays provide the opportunity to practice various sports, an also marinas, beaches, restaurants and sports equipment rentals are being built in the vicinity of the river.

During the Oder Days, several dozen institutions, universities, foundations, offices and social organizations presented their offers. A variety of contests, presentations, games and guided walks was prepared.


Representatives of the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław could not be absent from such an important event for the Wrocław community.

The employees of the IULT presented a rich educational offer, which was very popular among the participants of the Oder Day.


Thank you all for the nice time!





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