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On October 5, 2023, in Aula Leopoldina, the official opening ceremony of the academic year 2023/2024 took place. Many guests from Poland and abroad came to the celebration. The ceremony, with an official greeting, was started by the Rector of the IULT, Marcin Pawęska, PhD, who addressed particularly warmheartwarming words particularly to the students starting their studies at the IULT in Wrocław. During the inaugural speech, the Rector summed upsummarized the previous academic year, abundant in awards, innovations and distinctions. He also emphasized the merits of people, institutions and enterprises thanks to whose cooperation it is possible to improve the teaching process at the IULT in Wrocław.


During the inauguration, first-year students took a solemn vow, and the President of the IULT, Janusz Pawęska, presented the President's Scholarship for the best results in the academic year 2022/2023. They were given to Marcin Niemiec and Maciej Szurek. The Rector's Award for the best diploma thesis was awarded to a graduate Anna Rusak.


On behalf of the students, the speech was delivered by Oliwia Latina, who warmly welcomed all participants and congratulated the students on their choice of university.


The highlight of the ceremony was the inaugural lecture by Jozef Ristvej, PhD, the professor at the Department of Crisis Management at the Institute of Safety Engineering at the University of Žilina.


The inaugural lecture was followed by the ceremonial signing of cooperation agreements between the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw, represented by Rector Marcin Pawęska, PhD,  professor at the IULT, and the Data Link Institute of Business  and Technology in Ghana, which was represented by Prof. Syanley Saamoah Moffat, President of the university;, and between IULT and Lutsk National Technical University, represented by Prof  Liubov Kovalskaya, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law.


At the end, the graduates of the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, for whom a new stage in their lives had begun, were awarded with diplomas,. We believe  the knowledge and experience gained within the walls of the university will contribute to many professional successes.






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