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On the ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University in Kyiv by 17th January 2024, an honorary doctorate has been granted to our own Marcin Pawęska, PhD, prof. MWSLiT. Such a degree is a recognition of exemplary achievements both in a field of science as well as contributions to an international scholarly community.


Due to the complications caused by the aggression of Russian Federation and a state of war in Ukraine, this ceremony has been conducted remotely.   


It’s been commenced by the chairman of the NAU Scientific Council prof. Mykola Kulyk, after which prof. Iryna Zarubinska, the Vice-Rector responsible for International Cooperation and Education delivered her laudation.


The diploma of the Honoris Causa Doctorate and all the attributes coming with the title were presented by the acting NAU Rector prof. Volodymyr Shulga.


In his occasional speech, prof. Pawęska thanked for the years of cooperation between the NAU and the IULT, highlighting the fact that the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian scholars and the impeccable quality of their research make the NAU a unique partner. According to prof. Pawęska, this is exemplified in collaboration bolstering the quality of teaching in Logistics field of studies. 


The National Aviation University in Kyiv is the biggest Academia of this kind in Ukraine and a significant research institution worldwide, with over 25 000 students, including 1500 foreigners. NAU consists of 5 institutes, 10 departments and 12 research institutes.  


NAU tops the list of the best universities in Europe assessed according to their research achievements in field of aviation, being the third overall.



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