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By 17th of January at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Association of Trade School Rectors (KRZaSP) has met with a Polish Minister of Science Dariusz Wieczorek. One of the ministerial guests was the Rector of the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław – Marcin Pawęska, PhD, prof. MWSLiT.


The main axis of discussion during this meeting has been a perception of the currently prevailing legislation and anticipated changes in the Higher Education & Science Act. Such changes are planned to improve the quality of teaching and methods of its verification, in order to adhere to the highest European standards.  


Minister of Science Dariusz Wieczorek has signaled his willingness for dialogue and cooperation with various academic ecosystems in Poland, underlining a need for improving the quality of research, didactics and to face the modern educational challenges.  



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