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From April 22nd to 24th, 2024, the IULT hosted the Director and Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the Polytechnic School of Agadir from Morocco, Dr. Ilias Majdouline.

During his visit, Dr. Ilias Majdouline delivered a lecture to IULT students, focusing on key aspects of running a company, innovation, business management, and business models. His lecture was not only a source of knowledge but also an inspiration for future business leaders.

Additionally, during his stay at the university, a meeting was organized with the authorities of IULT, during which the previous experience in higher education and future international cooperation were discussed.

An important moment was also Dr. Ilias Majdouline's meeting with his students who are currently participating in the ERASMUS+ student exchange program at IULT. This valuable experience not only allowed students to meet their mentor but also resulted in the exchange of ideas for their career development.




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